1. If you are earning over £100,000 then you lose £1 of the £12,500 personal allowance for every £2 that you earn. This equates to an effective tax rate of 62% between £100,000 and £125,000.
  2. If you earn over £150,000 then you lose £1 of annual pension allowance for every extra £2 that you earn until earning over £210,000. At this point annual pension contributions are capped at £10,000 and any contributions exceeding this will be liable to 45% tax.
  3. What happens to your lifestyle and your children’s education if you lose your job through ill health and you are unable to bring in an income?
  4. Is your dividend income tax free?
  5. Do you utilise all of your personal tax allowances every year?
  6. Do you have a Capital Gains Tax liability and are you able to defer it?
  7. Are your investments growing in the most tax efficient tax way?


Depending on your personal circumstances utilising any of the following opportunities could be beneficial to you:

  1. ISA Investments
  2. Unit Trust Investments
  3. Offshore Investment Bonds
  4. Tax Efficient Investments
  5. Life, Critical Illness and Income Protection Assurance Policies
  6. Pension Contributions

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